iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

Today Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the corporation's new flagship smartphone to awaiting eyes, lifting the lid on an invention 10 years in the making.

The new #iPhoneX and iPhone 8 devices will use swipe gestures to make up for a now absent home button. Your fingers replace the button; your prints replace the lock screen (as seen post-iPhone 6).

Of course the big question is how secure all of this is but as we have learnt over the years, the tech-savvy generation that we are in employs an "enjoy first, think later" mindset.


Any issues?

The only issue we can see is that punters will have to wait until November 3 for the iPhone X, news that won't go down too well with apple fans that have already preordered the '8'.


Despite confusion surrounding whether or not today's initiation of both iPhone 8 and iPhone X means we won't ever see the now potentially avert iPhone '9', Apple's new cutting edge technology doesn't disappoint. The corporation's newly desired "all display" appearance makes the boundary between the device and the screen hard to discern.

Chris Welch at Verge kindly alleviates the already blossoming iPhone X vs iPhone 8 debate but one thing cannot be denied; the iPhone X is better than it's cousin-model iPhone 8 offering Touch ID, face ID, two 12 megapixel cameras and a unique portrait mode.

  The iPhone 8 will be released September 22, followed by the iPhone X on November 3.  Visit the Apple Store here.

 The iPhone 8 will be released September 22, followed by the iPhone X on November 3. Visit the Apple Store here.

"A tiny space houses some of the most sophisticated technology we’ve developed". Learn more: https://www.apple.com/uk/iphone-x/

Autumn Fair 2017

Autumn Fair 2017

The team have just got back from our involvement at the Autumn Fair at the NEC in Birmingham. We were there in order to assist clients as well as networking and meeting like minded business people who are looking to expand the reach of their PR and marketing.


Exhibitions like the Autumn Fair are a great way to get your brand noticed by buyers and other influential people in your industry. Making the most of these events is all about ensuring that you find the right show for your industry. Trade shows tend to target a particular industry meaning there is an opportunity to advertise to people in your wider industry who may not have seen your brand before.


It also provides an opportunity to test the market and find out general opinions about what you offer. Finally there is huge potential for great business-to-business networking with potential logistics, manufacturing and advertising opportunities presenting themselves during these exhibitions.

For more information about the upcoming Spring Fair at the NEC click here, or give 7PR a call on 0161 to find out what 7PR can do to assist you in your next trade show.

7PR X Google Digital Garage

7PR X Google Digital Garage

The entire 7PR team have been invited by a Google representative to attend a number of sessions hosted with the Google garage team this week in Sheffield.

The aim of the sessions is to help the team to better understand how to utilise a number of different aspects to Google’s digital marketing.

Google is working with tech-minded individuals and companies in the UK through the Google Garage project. The experience 7PR will gain will be passed on to our clients who may not necessarily have the skills to survive in a tech-savvy digitally motivated marketing arena.

Google are running these seminars until September and classes will include SEO training, Social Media management, website building, digital marketing and more.

The team will be using this opportunity to further their development, to network and as a way of continually improving the level of services we, as a company, can offer.

It is clear to see that Google are a forerunner in the digital marketing sector and it will be fantastic to learn from industry leaders.

If you are interested in becoming a Google partner, go to, www.google.com/partners

To find out more about 7PR and the services we offer visit, www.7-pr.com .

Zella Ash

Zella Ash

Zella Ash are an emerging women’s handbag brand from the North West who have great potential and are quickly climbing to the top of the fashion industry. The bags are made from genuine leather and are all designed by company founder and managing director, Florence Ashman, who named the brand after her daughter, Gisella. She travelled to India, Italy and Portugal in order to personally source the leather used in production.

The brand has appeared recently at the WE LOVE MCR fashion show and will be appearing at the Autumn fair at Birmingham’s NEC in September. They have just launched their beautiful new website at www.zellaash.com, don't hesitate to go over there and take a browse!

Head over to check them out on social media, the links are below:





Charity Event At The Living Room MCR

Charity Event At The Living Room MCR

Last night we attended an incredible charity fashion show supporting Ronald Mcdonald and WeLoveManchester in aid of the tragic terror attack. It was a great event bringing the city together to celebrate some amazing designers. It just shows that no matter the situation there is always light at the end of it and that creativity will never be stopped.

Our Client Zella Ash showcased her first collection and the crowd absolutely loved it. This event was a great night for the 7PR team to network, opening the door to some amazing opportunities that we can’t wait to announce.

Join the journey, it’s exciting!

The 7PR Team


We Have Moved

We Have Moved

The 7PR team have been going from strength to strength, we’ve been working extremely hard to deliver creative, original and innovative content for our clients. We are so proud of the 7PR team and now more than ever our company is growing, therefore we have moved to a bigger and better location.

You can find us at :

Portland Plaza, Gainsborough House,

109 Portland Street, Manchester,

M1 6DN


Email: info@7-pr.com


Phone: 0161 879 0499

Welcome to 7PR

Welcome to 7PR

The 7-PR team are all creative individuals who are eager to share their work with you therefore we are so excited to launch our very own blog page. To keep up to date with clients, events, news and announcements this is where you will find it.

Our blog will be updated frequently so be sure to keep a look out on our Instagram (7prcompany) to see when a blog has gone live.

Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about our new campaigns and projects!

It’s an exciting time for 7PR and we want YOU to be a part of the journey.

The 7PR Team xx