The entire 7PR team have been invited by a Google representative to attend a number of sessions hosted with the Google garage team this week in Sheffield.

The aim of the sessions is to help the team to better understand how to utilise a number of different aspects to Google’s digital marketing.

Google is working with tech-minded individuals and companies in the UK through the Google Garage project. The experience 7PR will gain will be passed on to our clients who may not necessarily have the skills to survive in a tech-savvy digitally motivated marketing arena.

Google are running these seminars until September and classes will include SEO training, Social Media management, website building, digital marketing and more.

The team will be using this opportunity to further their development, to network and as a way of continually improving the level of services we, as a company, can offer.

It is clear to see that Google are a forerunner in the digital marketing sector and it will be fantastic to learn from industry leaders.

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