Understanding the buyers journey
A lot of music related content was listed at the very bottom of the pages in the footer, making them appear as an afterthought in comparison to position for Red Bull Racing and extreme sports.  Data implied that online trends in the UK pointed more towards music meaning that this type of landing page was desired on-site. It was clear that by ensuring Grime a Side and related content are listed as quickly as possible, it would be easier to push visitors through the buyer journey and encourage more website clicks as well as larger visit times.
Build brand loyalty and awareness
Red Bull needed a creative approach to content marketing to help improve brand loyalty with markets that had become accustomed to looking elsewhere for it.
Reach New Audiences
Adapt to changing market by attracting new younger audiences.
Raise Visibility
Ensure Red Bull branding is visible at each stage of the buyer cycle across all demographics




On Site Journey
Make sure traffic landing on the site finds the information relevant to them to compel them to act as well as stay on the site
Changing Audience
Customers in the 15-25 age demographic represent an increasing segment of some of Red Bull’s competitors’ audience
Credible Brand
Making sure all brand values are consistently adhered to.


Our creative team handled a four-month campaign as part of the launch of Red Bull’s #GrimeAside campaign. The identification of a strong crossover between Red Bull andtop-tier emerging music acts, as well as the commercially lucrative unfolding of grime music, provided a natural synergy that would provide vast organic coverage if delivered by a team that could understand and provoke reaction in the audience. We found there is a lack of quality, long-form content related to grime music, the most discussed music genre on social media in the UK amongst Red Bull’s intended audience.

Social Media Interaction
The aim was to generate a buzz within the social channels, in order to drive website traffic and interest in the monthly events as well as improve the number of people interacting with the brand on both Facebook and Twitter with the use of the hashtags #GrimeAside + #RedBull.
Raising Awareness
The start of the project focused around creating bespoke landing pages on Facebook, along with an attractive open-entry voting scheme that encouraged unique call to actions as well as a significant increase in third party coverage from new medians.
Email Marketing
The first step was to design and build a new mobile-friendly email template which showcased high-quality images of the acts, complete with bold colours to emphasise the Red Bull branding.
Influencer Collaborations
Leveraging support for Red Bull with major names from the music genre, to build trust, encourage click-through and drive conversions. We were able to maximise Red Bull’s coverage through the likes of Grime mainstays Eyez & Jaykae, England national Matt Richards, Mobo Awards fashion ambassador Dubzy and other influencers who could provide physical impact for the related events as well as social media prowess from which Red Bull could achieve increased engagement and overall online coverage.


  • 122% increase in website traffic
  • 3 million views Video content views on Youtube, and countin
  • 62% of all website traffic came from Grime a Side related clicks in final week of campaign
  • 50,000+ votes placed through holding pages by relevant audience
  • #GrimeAside hashtag trending nationwide across social media including Twitter and Facebook
  • Campaign provided astonishing audience crossover for Red Bull with features in Complex, RWD Mag, Time magazine, Fader as well as other online and print publications
  • Increased Engagement on Red Bull Studio London Facebook page with an Average of 10000 People ‘Talking About’ Grime A Side.
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